EquitySwap Program

Upto 100% Mortgage Relief

Introducing the EquitySwap Program: Leverage Your Home Equity Wisely

Traditional equity access involves selling, or partial options like HELOC and Refinance, up to 80% of your home's value, with increased monthly payments. Enter EquitySwap: We handle increased payments, leveraging equity for steady income, reducing overall commitments. The equity becomes a secure 5, 7, or 10-year Income-Generating Mortgage Equity. We manage the process, working with Mortgage Brokers and legalities. Relief for those needing mortgage payment assistance.

HomeTogether GrowTogether

Fractional Co-ownership Program

Join an Exclusive Real Estate Opportunity: Gain access to a limited opportunity that selects individuals and families for co-ownership and co-investment in Ontario's real estate market. Enjoy the benefits of capital appreciation without the worries of traditional property ownership and negative cash-flow financing.

"Because 1% ownership in 100 Homes is smarter, better and wiser than 100% in 1 Home"